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2012 Bauma Expo was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre exhibited across 300,000 sqr meters of exhibition space. It is one of the largest trade fairs in Asia.

This gave construction machinery magnates from all over the world a great opportunity to present their high-grade, precision and advanced products.

There was plenty of excitement at this year’s Bauma Expo with some of the largest Chinese manufactures showing of the latest developments and pioneering innovations. XCMG-RANGER, a leading enterprise in China’s construction machinery industry revealed its high-end manufacturing technology and strong world-class strength by presenting 41 sets of advanced products.

The Biggest highlight of Bauma 2012 was the release of the new Ranger XCMG DE400 Electrically Driven Dump Truck as seen with pictures below.

This truck is the world’s largest load capacity mining truck. It has the payload of 400 ton, maximum speed of 50km/h, and lifting time of 24s.


Another biggest highlight was Ranger-XCMG XCA5000 All Terrain Crane. This crane is the world’s maximum tonnage and most advanced whole grand crane, has already passed the industrial assessment test. Its max load moment of base boom is 5000 ton, max boom length is 105m and max travel speed is 75km/h.


Other products on Display at this year’s show were

Spider Excavator- ET110, it also was a big highlight on XCMG’s exhibition stand this year. It is named as “Steel Spider Man” in the industry as it shapes like a transformer and acts flexibly. The largest digging radius is 7700mm; maximum lifting capacity is 56kN and the grade ability of crawler is 45.It can work on a slope with maximum gradient of 30°.


XE1300C Hydraulic Excavator (125ton)

This Excavator has maximum digging radius of 15340mm, maximum digging depth of 8680mm and swing speed of 4.8r/min.

Wheel Loader

LW1200K Wheel Loader (12 ton)

LW1200K is the largest tonnage loader in China with rated load of 12 ton, bucket capacity 6.5m³and maximum breakout force of 394kN.


LW900K Wheel Loader (9 ton)     Rated Power 250kW; Operating Weight 30040kg; Rated Load 9000kg


LW600K-LNG: Rated Power 191kW; Operating Weight 20000kg; Rated Load 6000kg; Gas cylinder total capacity 450L



XE150W: Operating Weight 15318kg; Rated Power 104/2000 kw/rpm; Bucket digging force 90kN; Max  digging radius 8296mm;  Max digging height 9150mm;  Max digging depth 5040mm


XE215HB Hybrid Excavator: Rated Power 106.5/1950 kw/rpm; Bucket digging force 149.7kN; Max. digging radius 9925mm; Max. digging height 9640mm; Max. digging depth 6655mm


XT870 Backhoe Loader: Working weight 8500kg; Rated Power 82/2200kW/rpm;  Max. digging radius 5100mm


XCL800 Wheeled lattice Boom CraneMax. rated load 800 ton; Max. boom length 84m; Travel speed 75km/h; Max. grade ability 35%.


GR300A Motor Grader: Turning radius 8.3m;   Rated power 224kW


And may other products and live performances

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