Twin-boom loader-telehandler hybrids come to Australia

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A range of amazingly versatile Italian material handlers that combine the best of wheel loaders and telescopic handlers has been introduced into the Australian and New Zealand markets by Perth distributor Ranger CE.

The articulated Palazzani Paload machines look like wheel  loaders but feature twin telescopic booms that can extend to a height of almost 5m at the pin. This gives them the ability to perform in a wide range of applications, from agriculture to earthmoving and even mining — you can put man-cages on them underground.

“This is the only one on the market that’s designed as a wheel-loader and a telescopic boom,” RCE General Manager Bernard Shapland says. ”Even better, it has a twin boom which eliminates the twist that you get with single booms in heavy applications.

The load is shared over the two booms, Shapland says, which ultimately means less wear and lower maintenance time and costs over the long term.

“A lot of people who use telehandlers in a digging or hard application find that they wear out,” he says.” After a couple of thousand hours the maintenance becomes extremely high on them. These don’t.”

Palazzani has been operating since 1935 and really only specialises in two product lines, Shapland says. ”One is the payload, which is the loaders and backloaders, and the other is the paylift, which is specialised lifting equipment. All use only use the highest-end componentry.”

Value for money is second to none, he adds: “A mainstream product with the same features would be a hell of a lot more expensive.  The PT192, for example, is around the same price as a standard tool carrier from other manufacturers but gives you a telescopic boom.”

Many people end up buying an older second-hand machine with a higher capacity than they need simply to create the lift they need in a loader, Shapland says, whereas these allow you to have the lift height of a much larger machine in a compact unit.

There are four models in the range: the 8-tonne PT 72, which has a 1.05 m3 bucket capacity and 73.5 kW net power; the 8.7-tonne PT 82 (1.25 m3/91 kW); the 9-tonne PT 182 (1.40 m3/95.9 kW); and the 9.6-tonne PT 192 (1.6 m3/95.9 kW).

Features include Perkins engines, hydrostatic transmissions, load-sensing servo-steering, multiple disk brakes positioned in the centre of the axels, and water-oil radiator/exchangers.

“We offer a very large range of attachments,” Shapland says.” Pallet forks, hay forks, log grabs, ditching buckets, heavy buckets, and so on.

“The Paload models are great for loading high-sided dump trucks, for lifting pallets of bricks second-storey high on a building site, lifting logs to the top of a truck without having to have a lot larger machine … basically, you’d put these into any application that you’d put a loader or a telehandler into. They’re amazingly versatile, and what the market’s been looking for for a very long time.”

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