BICES Beijing 2011 International Construction Machinery Expo

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BICES Beijing 2011 International Construction Machinery Expo         



This 2011 BICES expo was held at one of Beijing newest and largest exposition sites spending over 200,000 sqr meters.

This gave a great opportunity for all the major manufactures to display equipment, show some of their latest product lines and carry out demonstrations.

There was plenty of hype and excitement at this year’s BICES Expo with some of the largest Chinese manufactures showing of some brand new products lines and prototypes, one of these products that created a great deal of excitement was the release of the new Ranger XCMG DE170 170 ton ridged Dumping truck as seen with pictures below:

This truck is a first for a Chinese manufacturer to release a ridged Diesel Electric Drive truck.

Due to be release in the earlier half of 2012  after extensive testing this truck is already reported to be receiving orders from dealers overseas even before pricing and delivery date has been confirmed.

Stay tuned for more on the release of this truck.


Other products on Display at this year’s show were

Spider Excavator

LW1200K 12Ton Loader

LW500K-LNG 5 ton Loader Natural Gas Model 

New Rough Terrain cranes 



And may other products and live performances

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