Spider Excavator - New release in 2011

Spider Excavator



Measure Control Service System

New Industry Standard

Intelligent Measure Control Service System allows intuitive interaction between the user and the machine. It features LED display, intuitive user interface, maintenance alarm system.

Optimal Engine Management System

Breakthrough in Power Management

Optimal Engine Management System swiftly coordinates the engine and its peripherals, enabling the machine to function at its prime with minimal fuel consumption.

GPS Remote Access Protocol

Remote Access Protocol

Pre loaded Remote Access Protocol and global positioning system allow remote access to the vehicles location, activity log and other necessary information, all fea tures can be accessed through data mobile network.

360 Safety CAB Roll-Over-Protection Cab

New Safety Standard

Eco-friendly 3600 Protective Structure enhances the durability of the Cab with Roll Over Protection. Features Quick Defrost, Air Conditioner, Built·in anti-noise acousticsErgonomic Suspension Seat paired with an with hydraulic shock absorber for stress free operations.

Breakthrought in Durability

Comprehensive Working Structures

Multidirectional application of new design concepts, coupled with previous expertise creates new industry breakthrough on durability, pertormance and operation diversity.

Operating Weight -kg   22000
Engine Power -kW/min-1   133/2000
Standard Bucket Capacity -m3   1.16
Standard Bucket Width (with side cutters) -mm   1299
Travel Speed (Hight/Low) -km/h   5.1/3.0
Rotation Speed -min-1   12.1
Pressure to the Ground -kPa   45
Gradeability   35°
Maximum Arm Crowd Force (Regular) -kN   100
Maximum Bucket Digging Force (Regular) -kN   128.5
Engine Model   Cummins B5.9-C
Displacement -L (cc)   5.9 (5900)
Swing Device Driving Type   Hydraulic/Mechanical drive
Travel Device Driving Type   Hydraulic/Mechanical drive
Brake Type   Hydraulic Lock
Standard Track Shoe Type   Triple Grouser Shoes
Track Adjustment Device   Grease Tension
Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pump Type   Variable Piston Pump
Maximum Setting Pressure Traveling -MPa 350
  Working -MPa 320/350
Fuel (diesel) -L   350
Hydraulic oil (refilling) -L   170/220
Battery Capacity   2 x 120AH