The environmental protection and energy-saving engine

Powerful, stable performance, fuel-efficiency, low noise,low emissions, excellent low-temperature startup performance, environmental protection and reliability.

Advanced hydraulic system

The hydraulic system adopted the advanced control system is used in the hydraulic system which can change the system pressure and distribute the flow rate reasonably accoding to the load changes, so as to maintain an optimal combination of strong digging ability and rapid conversion of operations to make the use of engine power.

Sturdy and Durable, high reliability working device

The strong digging force and traction: large digging force, strong bulldozing, good climbing ability.


Intellectual operation and Display&Device

Multifunctional liquid monitor owns the features of large screen, digital display, monitoring the engine working state(speed, water temperature, engine oil pressure etc.), querying various running information any time.

Comfortable Operation Environment

The large-capacity heating and cooling air- conditioning is arranged, the arrangement of the vent is reasonable, so that the operating environment is more comfortable.

Operating Weight -kg   4050
Engine Power -kW/min-1   27.1/2200
Standard Bucket Capacity -m3   0.14
Standard Bucket Width (with side cutters) -mm   652
Travel Speed (Hight/Low) -km/h   4.4/2.6
Swing Speed -r/min   13.5
Pressure to the Ground -kPa   36.3
Gradeability   58°
Maximum Traction Force -kN   33.9
Maximum Bucket Digging Force (Regular) -kN   23.2
Arm digging force -kN    19.3
Min. ground clearance- mm   350
Rear-end swing radius- mm   1490
Max. digging radius -mm   5810
Max. digging reach on ground -mm   5702
Max. digging height -mm   5317
Max. dumping height -mm   3697
Max. digging depth -mm   3598
Max. dozer lifting height -mm   267
Max. dozer cutting depth- mm   365
Max. vertical digging depth -mm   3330
Min. swing radius -mm   2385
Min. rear swing radius -mm   1490
Engine Model   YANMAR 4TNV88-SYY
Displacement -L   2.19
Swing motor type   Piston hydraulic motor
Travel motor type   Piston hydraulic motor
Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pump Type   1 variable pumps and 1 gear pump
Implement circuit- MPa   21
Fuel (diesel) -L   65
Hydraulic oil (refilling) -L   70