The intergral FOPS&ROPS

The intergral FOPS&ROPS cabin reduces the working vibration and noise level and offers a safe and comfortable working condition with cooling and  heating air conditioner&radio recorder, the operator can release his fatigue.

The imported Cummins Engine

The imported Cummins Engine with high-efficiently environmental protection can guarantee the power and the efficiency, make the waste gas discharges achieve the third-stage discharge standard foe the non-road vehicles.

Hydraulic operation with single handle

Hydraulic operation with single handle can reduce the operator's labor intensity, enhance the work efficiency; all hydraulic load sensing is efficient, safe and easy to operate.

Four wheels drive

Four wheels drive and the traction is powerful. The front axle is fixed and the rear axle can circle around the center to swing, which can make the whole machine have good cross-country performance and plying performance, and adjust to working and driving on the bumpy road.

Flexible-arm cylinder

The supporting device of flexible-arm cylinder is well structured,which makes it easier and safer to operate and maintain.

Ream-type frame

Ream-type frame, both sides of which is equal, has the identical front wheel to the rear one and the little turning radius, which can reduce the turning resistance and tire wear, make it flexible and easy to operate in the narrow fields.


Ram Safety Stops a standard feature on all LW and IT series Loaders.

Operating Weight -kg   5600
Rated Load-kg   1600
Standard Bucket Capacity -m3   0.9
Breakout force-kN   52
Static Tip Load-T   3.2
Bucket width-mm   1960
Engine make/Model   Cummins/B3.3, Euro/Tier 3 emission certified
Engine Power-kW/RPM   60/2200
Engine Displacement-L   3.3
Number of Cylinders   4
Type   4 cylinder, inline, water cooled, turbocharged
Make   Shantui
Model   ZL15K2E
Travel speed forward(high/low)- km/h   28/6
Travle speed reverse(high/low)- km/h   28/6
Torque Converter Type   3 elements, single stage single phase
Stall Torque Ratio   3.6
  service Brake air-over-oil caliper disc four wheel brake
  Parking Brake transmission output shaft, drum type brake
Capacity and Dimensions
Hydraulic oil  -L   138
Length, inc Bucket-mm   5500
Wheelbase-mm   2200
Tyres   16/70-20
Max. Dump Height @ 45 degree-mm   >2460
Outside to outside width of wheels-mm   1496
Wheelcenter to wheelcenter-mm   2460
Min. turning radius outside rear wheel-mm   4460
Min.turning radius outside bucket- mm   4830