• GR300

    GR300 GR300


    Front Blade

    A blade mounted in front of the front axle of grader, designated to the construction areas, where the forward shovel and push blade are unable to approach the small areas of corners and the road paving with the plant mixed material. The unique floating feature allows the scraper to floating along the road surface and make the performance of its pavement adaptability more superior. It can be used for removal of road snow.

    Rops Cab

    Anti-rollover cab, which ensures the operational safety of driver.

    Rear ripper

    A multi-teeth device mounted between the front axle of grader and scraper, which can dig hard ground which cannot be done by a shovel. Scarify the disqualified layer for reconstruction.

    Operating Weight -kg   26000
    Engine Model   CUMMINS qsl9
    Rated power/speed- kW/RPM    224/2100
    Dimension(L*W*H)-mm    10500 x 3100 x 3550
    Traveling speed, forward- km/h    5, 8, 11, 19, 23, 40
    Traveling speed, reverse- km/h    5, 11, 23
    Tractive force(f=0.75)- kN   140
    Max. gradeability   30°
    Tyre inflation pressure- KPa   350
    Woking hydraulic pressure- MPa   16
    Transmission pressure- MPa    1.3-1.8
    Working range
    Max. steering angle of front wheels   ±50° 
    Max. lean angle of front wheels   ±17°  
    Max. oscillation angle of front axle   ±15°  
    Frame articulation angle   ±27°  
    Max. oscillation angle of balance box   15°  
    Min. turning radius using aticulation-m   8.0
    Max. lift above ground- mm    450
    Max. depth of cutting- mm    500
    Max. blade position angle   90°
    Blade cutting angle   28-70° 
    Circle reversing rotation   360° 
    Moldboard width*height- mm     4920 x 787